Can crystals really heal?

Crystals have been cherished by humans throughout the centuries and it is no different in modern times. Marvelously engineered deep within the Earth, created by extreme forces of Mother Nature over thousands of years, crystals are accessible to anyone. The question is can crystals really heal? The answer lies in the metaphysical world, and that world at present, exists away from reality and evidence based science.

Consider this though, just because science has yet to explain the connections of mind and element doesn't mean it doesn't or can’t exist. Scientists have not been able to validate the healing belief in prayer either, does that mean that prayer can’t influence healing?

Crystal healing supporters believe that a Divine Creator created all that is here on Earth, including crystals, and that they are tools placed here for our use. How exciting to think that through crystals we have access to their tiny crystalline networks that probably contain the earliest earth-building materials! Humans through crystal healing can connect to, tap into, and benefit from, the energy of those earth building materials from millennia ago!

To explain the healing part in the most basic way possible, crystals have a vibratory energy field of their own, as do humans. The belief that a crystal can heal comes from moving the crystal vibratory energy field into the human vibratory energy field, and elevating healing thoughts and powerful healing intentions to the Divine Creator. As a therapeutic tool it is the combination of these essential elements that brings about healing with a crystal.

So where does the human vibratory energy field come from? It comes from the ancient belief in chakras. Chakras are seven vibratory energy centers within our bodies that swirl to create each person’s energy field. This energy field envelopes each person, and cannot be seen with the naked eye. When a person’s chakras are blocked and not flowing a person’s energy field can fail and become misaligned. This misalignment can cause ailments, sickness and disease. It is believed that when you bring a crystal’s vibratory energy field within that obstructed human energy field, it realigns it, thereby healing it. The chakras resume their flow of vibratory energy, unobstructing it, balancing it, and restoring a person's energy field. A more in depth explanation of the chakras will follow later.

Where do you start with crystal healing? A good place to get started on your crystal journey is with Allay. It is no secret that I am a huge fan. What I love about their company, is that they have made it super easy for crystal newbies. They have the highest “A” grade crystals in their bracelets, so they are real, millennia old crystals from Mother Earth. Their recipes are carefully researched for optimal effect. You don't have to leave your crystals at home, or stick them in your pocket or purse since they are placed in aesthetically pleasing jewelry that you can carry around on your body for the maximum therapeutic effects. Even how to program your crystals with your intentions is included with each bracelet. You can’t go wrong.

Who knows, with your inner power of suggestion, your belief that the crystal can help you, it might just do exactly that, go to work for you, and bring about the healing you want. Please keep in mind that crystal healing, just as prayer would, is not meant to replace in any way modern, licensed medical care. It is meant to compliment healing.

Sending crystal blessings...Romy