LOVE & HAPPINESS BRACELET l Blue Chalcedony, Yellow Jasper, Rainbow Moonstone & Azurite

  • $59.99
Handmade in USA
Natural Gemstones

Allay’s Love and Happiness Bracelet harnesses and combines the powerful crystal energies of Azurite, Rainbow Moonstone, Yellow Jasper, Blue Chalcedony and White Lava Rock, to open up to the things that will help you grow to live your best life.

  • Decrease fear, worry, and self-doubt.
  • Increase self-awareness.
  • Repair emotional wounds and achieve balance.
  • Cleanse your aura, calm and center yourself.
  • Build a relationship with like-minded people.
  • Bring enthusiasm and joy to your life.

If these are your needs, this bracelet is for you.


I reject the status quo, I will live in a better way today than I did yesterday. I call on the white light of the Divine to enshroud me with warmth and courage to take steps in the right direction. I will awaken my inner potential and talents to change, grow, and progress in all areas of my life, no excuses. My day will be energized, charged up, and I will learn to get better at living my life.

Gemstone Details

Blue Chalcedony- Promotes calm, kindness & compassion. Induces consciousness & balances emotions. Attracts love & happiness. Relieves feelings of hostility & irritability.

Yellow Jasper- Gives rise to grounding, stability, & strength. Stimulates enthusiasm & self-confidence in life & relationships.

Rainbow Moonstone- Activates positive energy and balances emotions. Enhances creativity & inner confidence, attracts love and strong energies of abundance & good fortune in love & life.

Azurite- Infuses feelings of love & compassion within you, & with others. Encourages communication from the heart.

Bracelet Measurements 

All of our bracelets are self-adjustable and sizes range from 6”-8” (15.24cm-20.32cm)