MONEY & ABUNDANCE BRACELET l Citrine, Malachite, Pyrite & Crystal Clear Quartz

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Handmade in USA
Natural Gemstones

Allay’s Money and Abundance bracelet combine the powerful energies of Citrine, Malachite, Pyrite, and Crystal Clear Quartz to:

  • Stimulate imagination & will, to attract wealth & prosperity.
  • Manifest a positive mindset, to attract wealth & abundance of your startup venture or career path.
  • Clear your heart & mind of negativity to breakthrough.
  • Commercial stagnation of your job or business.
  • Become grounded & balanced to propel forward new endeavors & career plans.
Gemstone Details

Pyrite- Ultimate symbol of wealth & good luck. Grounding quality stimulates the motivation & physical strength needed to guide your spirit to a place of higher wisdom.

Citrine- Premier stone of manifestation, imagination, & personal will. Stone of abundance, attracts wealth & prosperity.      

Crystal Clear Quartz- Resonates long enough within an individual for manifestation to occur.

Malachite- Stone of transformation, providing spiritual growth. Stimulates positive changes to bring dreams, vision, and wishes into physical reality. It is a conduit for growth & evolution as it is said to possess nature's power of constant renewal. Aids in clear thought, communication, and business development

Bracelet Measurement

All of our bracelets are self-adjustable and sizes range from 6”-8” (15.24cm-20.32cm)