All Allay Bracelet Collections are centered on harnessing the crystal energy frequencies of our AA+ grade natural stones, in order to activate and balance our energy centers known as chakras; thereby addressing blockages and symptoms.

It is believed that our seven chakras or energy centers, are similar to ponds of water. These energy centers (ponds), run in a connected way from the base of our spines up to the crown of our head. The energy centers have specific jobs in keeping our bodies functioning in a healthy balance. When the “pools” become stagnated or blocked, and cannot flow properly, it brings about the tendency for discomfort, ailment, and illness.

The stones in Allay’s bracelets are specifically, and methodically placed in a prescribed way in order to activate the vibrational frequencies in the stones, and in turn, amplify them for use in healing or balancing “wayward” energy centers. This is the goal of crystal healing therapy. Allay also has added lava beads (with properties of their own) to many of their bracelets, to be used as a vessel to retain aromatherapy oils. Aromatherapy oils have been known to also enhance, clear, and balance energy centers.

Allay’s bracelet collections therefore pack a powerful punch when it comes to providing healing therapy to our energy centers.