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Handmade in USA
Natural Gemstones
Soy Wax

Our Evil Eye candle is all about protecting you and your space from any ill wishes or negative energy to enter. There are many bad energies that we pick up every day. These negative energies affect our daily life and we feel that we are "stuck" not able to move forward. Negative thoughts enter our mind. Our mind is very powerful and every single negative thought we manifest comes back in a negative way. The Evil Eye Candle will allow to break the never ending circle of bad thoughts that lead to nowhere. It will allow positivism and good vibes to enter into your life and space.

* Our candles are a natural soy wax blend and their ingredients are ethically sourced, and burn time is approximately 50 hours.
* Wicks are braided cotton.
* Our fragrances are certified "clean scents" premium grade, acquired from reputable suppliers.
* Candles are hand-poured in small batches, in order to maintain proper quality control and consistency. * They are not mass-produced.
* We only use natural gemstones. We do not use synthetic, died, or reconstituted stones of any kind.


Black Tourmaline- It creates a shield around you and your surroundings to avoid any ill wishes or bad energies enter your space or near you. It also helps balance all the chakras. It also helps destroy negative thoughts and allowing a more positive vibes to enter your everyday life.

Scent profile:
Oakmoss, Amber, White Sage and Lavender


* Candles should never be left to burn more than 4 hours at a time, left unattended, out of sight, within reach of children, or accessible to pets.
* The surface underneath the candle should be checked, to ensure it does not overheat.
* Candlewick should be trimmed, using a wick trimmer, before first use to ensure the candle burn time is as long as possible. It takes around 2 hours to achieve a good melt point and be able to smell the fragrance.
* Candle flame should never be blown out but snuffed out using a candle snuffer.
* Allow the candle to cool before handling.
* The natural gemstone in the candle should be removed with care, using tongs or a teaspoon once it * becomes visible, to ensure proper burning of the candle.
Crystals can be cleaned in warm water to melt any wax residue, then rinsed in cold water, charged, an intention set, and used during meditation. See the “How To” section on our website (theallaystore.com) for more information on how to obtain the most benefits from your crystals.