*NOTE: Your Allay bracelet has a predetermined intention especially made for your bracelet. However, feel free to edit the intention to fit your needs more closely.

AFTER you have followed the steps for CLEANSING & CLEARING your gemstones; from their journey to you, it is time to PROGRAM your bracelet with your intention.

  1. Find a quiet place to be at peace.
  1. Place bracelet in your hands, palms up. Focus deeply, and feel what you are hoping the bracelet gemstones will heal.
  1. In your mind’s eye, picture and feel the energy emanating from the gemstones in your bracelet, at the same time you picture and feel your energy. 
  1. Feel both, your energy and your bracelet’s energy, harmonizing together; as if they are dancing together.

State for the stones:
“I now humbly request, that these gemstones be inundated by the divine spiritual energy of their Maker. May their elemental forces be cleansed of all negativity. May their healing energy properties be restored and activated with my intention. 

  1. Read the bracelet’s intention several times out loud, until you feel that the intention is anchored in the gemstones.

State your bracelet’s intention as many times as you can throughout the day. It helps to store your bracelet with its intention when you are not wearing it.

The more you practice, the better you will become connecting with the gemstone energies your bracelet.

May Crystal Blessings Be Yours, The Allay Store