7 CHAKRA HEALER BRACELET l Red Jasper, Carnelian, Yellow Calcite, Green Jade, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli & Amethyst

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Handmade in USA
Natural Gemstones

Allay's 7 Chakra Healer Bracelet, harnesses and combines the powerful crystal energies of Red Jasper, Carnelian, Yellow Calcite, Green Jade, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, and Amethyst. Their crystal energies, enhanced by Hematite, are ready to bring balance and harmony back into your life.  Allay's 7 Chakra Healer Bracelet can be worn on its own or can be worn “stacked” alongside any of Allay’s Enhancer bracelets; to enhance healing energies for the specific Chakra associated with the Enhancer bracelet. All chakras need to be kept clear, activated, and aligned. Multiple and different Enhancer Bracelets can be worn together; best is with the Chakra Healer bracelet included.

This bracelet addresses blockages and imbalances related to any of your seven Chakras.

  • Stabilize your energy field and bring about balance to all of your seven chakras.
  • Increase your physical vitality and the ability to connect with your spiritual side.
  • Detoxify and increase your vital energies to bring about transformation.
  • Clear out negative habits so that you can act on your deepest wishes.
  • Reach the power to introspect deeply, to adjust what is out of balance.
  • Increase overall well being, your life force, and sense of wholeness.
  • Get to the root of what is broken or derailed, achieve alignment.
  • Balance out, stand up to addictive behaviors, and negative self-defeating thoughts.
  • Heal and increase convergence with your Divine being, acquiring the power to overcome.
  • Permeate your energy field with the life force within these stones and help dissolve blockages.

I accept that I need to live in the Divine’s white light. My creator has given me the tools to bring about change, prosperity, harmony, and balance. Love exists and enters my life infusing all areas with joy. I am confident and powerful, and able to express myself effectively. I am connected to my intuition, placed there by my creator, and I will use it to move forward in a positive way. I honor my body as it houses my soul. My energy field is grounded and flowing. I forgive my past transgressions, and I will open up to receive life’s offerings in all areas of my life. I will connect with my inner wisdom, so as to be blessed with positive energy.

Gemstone Details

Red Jasper- this stone will strengthen you and will bring your world into balance.

Carnelian- this stone will heal the chakras and ground your life force.

Yellow Calcite- this stone will instill confidence and general mental clarity within you.

Green Jade- this stone will provide spiritual support and help heal your emotional body.

Turquoise- this will stone will make you feel oneness and help you with clear communication.

Lapis Lazuli- this stone will heal your emotional energies as you face life challenges with clarity.

Amethyst- this stone will help you generate good habits, clear negativity, and protect you on your path.

Hematite- Amplifies the positive energies and properties of the stones that surrounded it.

Lava Beads- Lava beads are a method of delivery for aromatherapy blends.

*Please note: We do not use beads that have been harvested from lava rocks from Hawaii or Iceland, out of respect for their cultures.

Bracelet Measurements 

All of our bracelets are self-adjustable and sizes range from 6”-8” (15.24cm-20.32cm)