GOOD HEALTH WISH BRACELET l Green Aventurine, Moss Agate & Bloodstone

  • $39.99
Handmade in USA
Natural Gemstones


                                                “To Your Good Health”

You have a special someone that is trying to overcome illness, or trying to achieve a better state of health. You have a special someone that has come a long way to a healthy state and you wish to support and keep them there. This bracelet is perfect to express these sentiments and makes a terrific gift.

Allay’s Good Health Bracelet harnesses and combines the powerful crystal energies of Green Aventurine, Bloodstone, and Moss Agate to strengthen your body, bring about balance and harmony, and address health, illness, and healing.

 “I am better than I was yesterday but not as good as I will be tomorrow.”

Gemstone Details 

Green aventurine- This stone brings you to a better state of health and recovery from illness. May decrease everyday stress. May it bring strength and energy to bring about healing.

Bloodstone- This stone is said to align with your blood cells, bringing everyday good health to you.  It purifies and strengthens your body bringing into a state of wellness and maintaining it there.  it keeps you from becoming discouraged in the face of illness and brings about inner strength to combat it.

Moss Agate- This stone’s modest vibrations bring about balance and stability while you convalesce.  It stabilizes all systems of your body and brings them into harmony.  

Bracelet Measurement

All of our bracelets are self-adjustable and sizes range from 6”-8” (15.24cm-20.32cm)