How To Cleanse & Clear

The gemstones in your ALLAY Crystal Healing Bracelet have been travelling for quite awhile

before arriving to you, picking up other peoples’ energy. Therefore, they need to be cleansed and reactivated upon arrival to you, and on a regular basis depending on use. This will take your energy stones back to a clean state where they can do what they do best.

Although it is not necessary to cleanse your gemstones every day, if you sense the gemstones are not as strong as when you first wore them, repeat the cleansing process again.

There are numerous ways to cleanse and clear your energy stones. Because your energy stones are set in a jewelry setting, Allay specifically recommends a safer dry salt-cleansing method in which there is no direct contact with the piece.

Dry Salt Cleansing Method

You will need:

  • Your Allay bracelet
  • A large glass bowl, and shallow drinking glass
  • Salt
  1. Fill the large bowl half full, with dry sea salt or cooking salt.
  2. Put the drinking glass, inside the large bowl with salt, and submerge it up to its sides.
  3. Place your bracelet inside the drinking glass.
  4. Avoid allowing any salt into the drinking glass with the bracelet.
  5. Picture in your mind’s eye the bracelet’s impurities being drawn away from the bracelet.
  6. Discard the salt when done.

After Cleansing and clearing your bracelet, it MUST now be programmed. Refer to “How To Program” on our site’s main menu.