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Handmade in USA
Natural Gemstones

Ally's Heart Chakra Enhancer Bracelet with Green Jade beads can be worn on its own, but it is designed to be worn alongside our Chakra Healer bracelet. This bracelet enhances the healing for the specific chakra causing your blockages.

If you are experiencing one or more of the following blockages, this bracelet specifically addresses your HEART CHAKRA and is for you:

  • Negative feelings such as jealousy, unforgiving.
  • General social withdrawal.
  • Being needy, having to swoop in and save.
  • Feelings of defensiveness.
  • Bitterness, feeling emotional.
  • Always expecting criticism.
  • Stored resentments.
  • Difficulties with body systems in or around the heart area, including the heart.

I will live in forgiveness for my past transgressions. I will learn to love all that I am, so that I may increase my capacity to love and have compassion. I will live in harmony.

Gemstone Details

Green Jade- This stone will produce spiritual support and help heal your emotional body.

Hematite- Amplifies the positive energies and properties of the stones that surround it.

Lava Beads- Lava beads are a method of delivery for aromatherapy blends.

Bracelet Measurement

All of our bracelets are self-adjustable and sizes range from 7”-8.5” (17.79cm to 21.59cm)