What does it mean to program crystals?

When I hear the word programming, the last thing I think about are crystals. I may think about computers, or a syllabus perhaps, but for those just starting out on their crystal journey this might come across as a little unusual. In the most basic way, programming is giving your crystals an assigned task to do, and by doing so you are directing their innate vibratory energy with purpose, with intention.

Think of the thought philosophy of attracting things into your life as explained in The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It is based on the Law of Attraction. The Secret followers convert a positive energy mindset into a means to attract what it is they want from the universe. In a similar way, with programing your crystals you are communicating with them. You are harnessing and directing the energy within your crystals to do a specific task, with utmost intention.

If you are wondering how you would go about programming your crystals with intention, the following is an example. Go to a peaceful place in your mind, and hold the crystals in your hands so that they are within the limits of your energy field. With your eyes closed, visualize, and focus on the energy held within their tiny networks. Consider how those networks are made of energetic material from back in the Earth building days. Picture the energies of the crystals intertwining with the energies emanating from your own vibratory field of energy.

Next allow your mind to wander to the Divine Creator. Acknowledge in gratitude the creation of your crystals, and simply ask for them to be used as a conduit for healing, or for spiritual connection. Visualize that connection, and place all your inner feelings of gratitude towards the Divine Creator. Your energy field is created by energy flow through your energy centers or chakras. As you attract positive energy it should vibrate with the energy within the crystals, to actively release the blockages within your energy field by aligning your chakras. Ask for the crystal healing energy to align your chakras. A more in depth explanation of the chakras is available in the separate article on chakras.

Programming your crystals is an important step in getting your crystals to work for you. A person’s intention towards the Divine Creator must be present. Since crystals are part of nature’s creation, and a Divine Creator launched nature’s creation, the belief, and feeling that a crystal will help is what gives a crystal the force to vibrate with a human’s energy center or chakra. In the same way a person might use prayer to bring about healing, the power of suggestion behind it and the belief is what gives that prayer the power to heal.

Allay is a great place to start on your crystal healing journey, and they make this an easy process if you have difficulty coming up with intentions. Each of their bracelets come with an intention directly linked to the purpose of the recipe in their bracelet. It is a way to align your innermost thoughts with the therapeutic purpose of the bracelets, and it is fundamental to receiving the therapeutic effects from your crystals. Once you program and connect to your Divine Creator and your crystals, they will work tirelessly for you.

Sending crystal blessings...Romy