How Do I Get Started With Crystal Healing?

Getting started with crystal healing may seem overwhelming at first with so many crystals to choose from. If you happen to be in a crystal shop, the best way is to try to connect with the stones first.

Quiet your thoughts, and get near the stones, choose one or several stones that “speak” to you. The stones you feel most connection with. If you are unable to do that, most people take home clear quartz to start off with. It is a magnificent crystal, often called the mother of all crystals. Its vibrations resonate with all the chakras, not just one. It is a crystal that covers many properties, but it also enhances the resonance in other crystals that you might feel connected with enough to bring them home.

If you are not in a crystal shop, another way to connect with crystals for healing the emotional, or physical you, is through the use of several ones  that work together. As a beginner you may not know what goes with what. Furthermore, how are you going to wear them outside of your home?

In an effort to get you on your crystal journey quicker, I highly recommend What I love about Allay, is that they have made it super easy for you. Their own Crystal Therapist has put together “recipes” to simplify having to choose what crystal goes with what. They also have made it simple to place the stones near the body in the form of aesthetically pleasing jewelry, instead of having to leave the stone behind, or have it wrapped in your pocket, etc. Allay bracelets can be carried around on your person for the maximum therapeutic effects.

Getting started with crystal healing does not have to be an overwhelming experience. Start with one or start with a few. Either way don’t wait to connect with these marvelous crystals made by your Divine Creator.

Sending crystal blessings...Romy